Q:  If I join BBB, do I have to serve on a committee?

A:  No, you do not have to serve on a committee if you join BBB. Many of our members are unable to serve on committees, but volunteer on an as-needed basis. Others are unable to volunteer in any way but join to show their support.

Q:   Can I volunteer without becoming a member?

A:  Yes, you can volunteer without becoming a member of BBB, but if you are already making the commitment to become a volunteer, why not spend the $20 and become a member? Your membership demonstrates that you support and agree with the revitalization initiative. And, it helps us to obtain certain grants and funding.

Q:  What is the difference between BBB and BMBA?

A:  BMBA is an association of businesses in Berks and Montgomery Counties. BBB is an organization serving the Boyertown community with particular emphasis on downtown Boyertown. The BBB is a Main Street program. It’s emphasis is not only on business, but on promoting Boyertown, bringing people back to the downtown area, and preserving the historical heritage of the community.

Q:  What are the five BBB committees and what do they do?

A:  For more information about the BBB committees, click here.

Q:  How are BBB activities funded?

A:  Funding comes from several sources including membership fees, state and local grants, individual and corporate donations, and contributions to the endowment fund.

Q:   Where can I find out about upcoming BBB events?

A:  On our Homepage Calendar, and also  “Monthly Events”.

Q:  Who do I contact to volunteer for a committee or an event?

A:  Contact the BBB office. 3 East Philadelphia Ave., Boyertown, Pa 19512
(610) 369-3054 – Phone, (610) 473-8558 – Fax

Q:   What is the relationship of BBB to the Main Street Program?

A:  BBB is the name of Boyertown’s Main Street Program.

Q:  How do I find out about the Facade Grants?

A:  For now, Facade Grants are available to only property owners and business owners in the designated Main Street Area. Look at the Design Guidelines under “Revitalization” to learn more. Stop in or contact us at the BBB office with any questions. We will be glad to help.

Q:  Who do I contact about renting or buying property in Boyertown’s Main Street District?

A:  Building a Better Boyertown (“BBB”) is not a real estate broker and is not compensated in any manner for providing information relating to available properties for sale or lease on this website. This service is provided at no charge and only as a means of convenience for the website users. Information displayed on this website is provided exclusively by the seller, lessor, or their agents or representatives (collectively, the “Seller”).  BBB does not investigate, or make representation, regarding this information and does not undertake duty to do so. Interested parties should contact the Seller for more information.