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Katelyn Poe Selected for Dancing Tree Creations’ Budding Artist Program

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Dancing Tree Creations Artisans Gallery & Studio Names Katelyn Poe
in Budding Artist Program for Young Local Artists
Dancing Tree Creations Artisans Gallery & Studio is proud to name Katelyn Poe as their next Budding Artist. An opening reception, with light refreshments and the opportunity to meet other local artists, will be held Thursday, May 3, 2018, from 5pm to 7pm. The Budding Artist Program provides school-aged artists an opportunity to join over 200 local and national artisans in exhibiting and selling their crafts for a three-month period of time with all proceeds going to the Budding Artist.
Poe, a junior at Boyertown Area Senior High, is the Gallery’s thirteenth Budding Artist; her work will be available through July 2018.
Art has always been a crucial part of Poe’s life. As a child, she filled dozens of notebooks with crayon drawings of flowers, hearts and her family. She then graduated to old craft paint on sheets of printer paper and her love of painting blossomed from there. Now, creating art and painting has expanded into every aspect of her life. She believes that art isn’t just creating a pretty picture; it is a mindset, a new way of seeing and solving problems.
As she entered high school, she wasn’t certain whether or not she wanted a career in art. Now she knows that she wants to continue doing what she loves and hopes to find new applications for her art in the real world.
While she originally enjoyed drawing and using colored pencils, her true passion is painting. She loves blending colors and seeing how they interact with each other to mix the perfect hue. Painting for her is sort of an escape from reality. When she has a paintbrush in her hand, she doesn’t have to think about anything besides the image she is creating. “There is something incredible about the process of painting,” Poe says, “and I am blessed to be able to see each one start as a pencil skeleton and layer by layer transform into something extraordinary, no matter the complexity of the piece.”
Poe credits one of her painting teachers, Ms. Pamela Hendrix, with facilitating her development of her love of art and painting. Poe is down in Hendrix’ room working on a project (or two!) everyday whether she has a class or not. Hendrix has helped Poe decide that she wants to pursue art as a career and realize that she should continue to do what she loves because she’ll always come back to her art, no matter what changes may occur in her life. Poe also acknowledges another one of her art teachers, Mr. Thomas Dareneau, with making her a better artist by getting her to pay more attention to the details in drawings and creating interesting and even compositions.
Nature is another huge inspiration for Poe. She loves incorporating it into her art to add freshness and life. Leaves and flowers are favorites of hers to add to any piece and with such a wide variety of types and colors, she is always able to find some that fit the work.
Looking forward, Poe wants to focus on expanding into digital art and other mediums. She’s excited to see what else she can create and hopes that art is as important in her future as it has been in her past.
“We hope you’ll be able to join Katelyn at her reception to encourage her further and learn more about this talented budding artist,” said Lyn Camella-Rich, co-owner of Dancing Tree Creations. “It’s always a fun night out having the local artists, school teachers and public mingle with our Budding Artist and encouraging them to continue working on their art,” she concludes.
For more information on the Budding Artist Program or to sign up to receive e-invitations and e-newsletters, visit Dancing Tree Creations Artisans Gallery and Studio’s Facebook page or website,
About Dancing Tree Creations: Dancing Tree Creations, LLC is an artisan’s gallery and studio, located at 220 South Reading Avenue (Rte 562), Boyertown, PA, representing 200+ local and national artisans. The gallery features a wide variety of art for sale for you, your home, office, and garden including ceramics, glass, wood, jewelry, paintings, sculptures and more. Dancing Tree Creations is open 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Thursday through Sunday, additional hours during tours or other events or by chance or appointment.

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