Town Visioning and Implementation Grant Awarded to Building A Better Boyertown

BB&T has awarded a $120,000 grant to Building a Better Boyertown through its BB&T Economic Growth Fund of Berks County Community Foundation. The grant will support the Downtown Boyertown Community Vision and Implementation Plan.

“We hope that this plan will serve as a guide for how the BB&T Economic Growth Fund of Berks County Community Foundation will operate in the Boyertown area over the next several years,” said Heidi Williamson, the Community Foundation’s vice president for programs and initiatives.

“These are exciting times for our town,” said Allen Steffy, president of Building a Better Boyertown. “Thanks to the BB&T Economic Growth Fund of Berks County Community Foundation, we have been afforded the opportunity to develop a strategic road map for our future development and continued growth. We are grateful and ready to get down to work.”

The kick-off meeting and site walk for the Town Visioning and Implementation Plan is scheduled for December 14th at 10 am to noon.  We are looking for participants from the community to be on the steering committee.  The steering committee will meet once a month for the next nine month.  It’s purpose is to work with the Town Planner on developing a plan for economic growth for Boyertown that we will use as a road map for the next 5 to 10 years.   It is a very fast track Town Visioning process,  however we are excited to reach the implementation plan so that some of the vacancies can be occupied with uses that fit with-in the Town Vision.

This grant was made possible through the BB&T economic growth fund through the Berks County Community Foundation.