• Our membership totals demonstrate very clearly that YOU are on board with our mission and vision and that YOU support the BBB’s revitalization efforts. When sources ask us how we know people want revitalization, we show them how many business, individual and student members we have, how many members we started with, and how many members we have grown to and we answer their question.
  • Certain grants and funding sources want to see who believes in us. Again, it suffices to put down our membership totals, but those numbers sure add up for the BBB!
  • From time to time we spotlight business and individual members in our newsletters and other publications. Everyone likes to be noticed now and then!
  • It’s simple and costs so very little to jump on board! An individual membership costs less than what you would pay for 10 cups of coffee.
  • For our business members, inclusion in our bi-weekly Boyertown Business Bear Facts (BBB’s) is an inexpensive way to spread the word to over 400 people (more if people pass the e-mail) about specials or services provided. The business simply needs to get us a flier announcing their news and we’ll make sure the word gets out.
  • Business members get a listing on our business membership directory (located on this website). The listing includes a live hotlink to the businesses website, e-mail address and can event include a photo of the business or logo as long as it is sent in a jpeg.
  • Networking opportunities are available through out the year for both individuals and businesses.