The design and use of sidewalks, fences, landscaped areas and lamp posts can dramatically affect the attractiveness of Main Street district to potential shoppers. Conversely, if poorly designed or not used at all, these elements can detract from the public’s experience of a downtown area and leave negative impressions. Well-designed and implemented site and building enhancements add value to properties.

Paving and Sitescaping
The BBB Main Street Design Committee encourages and recommends the following.

  • Quality paving materials should be used on sidewalks, pedestrian walkways, pathways, plazas and courtyards. The materials should be appropriate for the proposed pedestrian function and circulation requirements of such areas.
  • The materials and design should enhance the overall site and be consistent with the building itself.
  • Avoid using asphalt for pedestrian walk or pathways.
  • All areas of a site not occupied by buildings, parking facilities or other improvements should be landscaped with trees, shrubs, hedges, perennial gardens or ground cover.
  • Plantings should be designed in a manner that is complimentary to the surrounding property and buildings.
  • Tree guidelines, both selection of trees and planting, are on file in the BBB office and are incorporated herein by reference.

Walls and Fences
The BBB Main Street Design Committee encourages and recommends the following.

  • Walls and fences should match the architecture and style of the building(s) on the property.
  • The materials used and color of walls and fences should be consistent.
  • Avoid the use of highway-style guard rails and stockade or contemporary security fencing such as chain link fences and barbed or razor wire.
  • Garden walls and appropriate fencing styles should continue through the building line along sidewalks.

Exterior Lighting
The BBB Main Street Design Committee encourages and recommends the following:

  • When selecting lighting fixtures, use minimum wattage metal halide or high pressure sodium light sources. Low pressure sodium and mercury vapor light sources are discouraged.
  • Select decorative lamp posts that conform to downtown Boyertown’s lighting standards. Their design should be appropriate to the overall character of the downtown district.
  • Lamp posts are especially recommended along façade sidewalks, near gateways, and side entrance corridors.
  • Parking area light stands and decorative lamp posts should not exceed twelve (12) feet in overall height.