There are benefits that result from the thoughtful planning, planting and care of urban trees. BBB recognizes the substantial economic, environmental and aesthetic importance of establishing and maintaining a tree inventory in the Borough of Boyertown’s main street and byways. Trees help to preserve and protect aesthetic and scenic beauty while preventing erosion of topsoil and protecting against flood hazards and the risk of stream bank erosion. Through physiological processes, trees counteract the pollutants in the air; protect against high winds, and maintain the climatic balance. Their shape and size provide shade as well as privacy. In addition, trees provide habitat to a variety of wildlife species, and protect valuable historical and community assets. Studies have shown that trees increase commercial and residential property values.

Proper pruning techniques and removal procedures will contribute to the overall aesthetic appearance and health of urban trees. The following guidelines are intended to assist Arborists in achieving a standard pruning and removal practice in maintaining the Borough of Boyertown’s urban forest.
The standards and guidelines follow, closely, those of the International Society of Arboriculture and those
of the National Arborist Association.

Click here to download the Tree Planting Guidelines.