Store Front Entrance Ways
The BBB Main Street Design Committee encourages and recommends the following.

  • The design of entrance ways and the street-level portion of facades should be compatible with the design of upper floors to retain the overall character of a building.
  • Retail stores, service-oriented businesses and restaurants should have large pane display windows on the ground level.
  • Buildings with multiple storefronts should be visually unified through the use of building materials, colors, architectural details, awnings, signage and lighting. It is encouraged to work with attached property owners to create unity.
  • The original proportions of display windows and any special features such as transoms or leaded glass should be retained.
  • Entrances should be well defined by architectural elements such as lintels, pediments, pilasters, columns, porticos, porches, railings, balustrades, etc.
  • Avoid replacing an entire store front when repairing existing materials and surfaces or replacing parts or sections may be all that is necessary.

Windows and Shutters
The BBB Main Street Design Committee encourages and recommends the following:

  • Repair of windows, original to the structure, is recommended as a priority to business/property owners.
  • New windows should be compatible with the style, size, material, color and detail of windows on the existing building.
  • Whenever possible, windows on upper floors should align vertically with windows and entrances on the first floor.
  • The rhythm of windows and fa├žade openings and decorative window trim should be consistent with that of the original building.
  • New windows should match the original ones in size, material and style.
  • When appropriate to the design of a building, shutters should be provided on all windows.
  • Proper hardware should be used for the installation of shutters.